Tuesday Market Wrap 3/14/13

{+++} The financials led the charge today as the XLF broke out with volume today. I feel silly not being involved in it because I knew it was going to happen. But you can’t be everywhere.

Our board looked pretty good today as ICE triggered, TEAR exploded and broke out and UTHR triggered.  Our Japan plays also continued higher. If you remember I took an early stop on FXE last week (long Euro) and it may now be looking like a short. I will keep you posted.

KERX hit the breakout level and backed off. This happens a lot with key resistance levels. CM stopped.

I raised stops on almost everything tonight just to play it safe. Nothing else new to report, so I’ll see you in the chat room in the morning for you folks that are able to pop in. Hope you had a good day in the trenches.

Have a great night.


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