The Pain and the Ecstasy


What a long strange trip it has truly been for $AAPL & $NFLX and what an interesting week it has already been for the market.

$NFLX which was crushed and  basically left for dead, is engineering what could be a round trip move back to 300. There is still  no love in the name, but all it does is go up. On the other side of the equation, $AAPL, which is more broken than the Ten Commandments, has crashed and burned and looks lower still. Go figure.

There has to be another rotation coming in this market because it is hard to believe that utilities, healthcare and consumer staples can continue to lead a bull market to new highs. This dynamic really isn’t part of the market playbook, but this does seem like a different market at times.

Biotechnology continues strong and that is my main area of concentration as it is easier to go with the flow than try to figure out bottoms and other things.

To be obnoxiously cliched, it is indeed a “stock pickers market” and there are massive breakouts  all over the place if you can stay zeroed in.

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