Netflix Is More Than Rocky V Now

Reed Hastings zapped the shorts yet again yesterday, this time he “legitimately” took to the social media airwaves, ($FB)  to announce big viewable hours by their subscribers. The shorts love to hate this one, but the bullish case gets stronger. There seems to be as many NFLX haters as there are AAPL  fanboys, but hey, that’s what makes a market.

$NFLX , long criticized for crappy content, is changing all that, and will become HBO long before HBO becomes NFLX. The company now has a seat at the Hollywood table (something no one really talks about) because of the Disney deal AND their own original content which is excellent. More to come on that front as well.

My own personal takeaway is that this will eventually get bought by $AMZN, $AAPL, $GOOG or $FB anyway. Content is gold, and now they have it.

Here’s a chart read. If the stock can close above the 181-183 level ( the 50 day simple moving average is 180.50) I can see a first stop to this years high at around 197-198. After that, low 200’s.

Long $NFLX

nflx two

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