Sunday Set Ups 3/24/13

{+++}  The market trudges along and the quarter ends on Friday. We’ll see if the bulls want to take this one more leg higher this week.  Here are some setups that I will be looking t enter this week. Check the P&L fro entries and stops.

VRTX– is pressing up against a downtrend line from back in May. If it can get above Friday’s high with volume it can get going. Buy at the 54.16 level.


ASTX– Is trying to break out of a falling wedge. Biotech is also very hot and some of thee smaller names are getting some attention. Buy at the 4.13 level.


UNM– has been working higher of late and the volume is good. If it can break above the 27.86 it can get to the 30 level for starters.


See you guys tomorrow.

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