Thursday Market Wrap 3/7/13

{+++}Blah blah blah, more DOW all time highs today. We inched higher, but not by a lot and the market really did put in a fair amount of chop. The S&P also tacked on a few handles and made another high. We are still a bit away from all time highs for the S&P, but not by much at all.

We saw a nice 10% move today from P&L name ROVI. The stock looks solid and I didn’t take any off for now. NXST is also doing well and put in a very bullish higher volume bar today.

PSYC was weak all day then rallied all the way back to the highs at the close. After the close though, they announced a secondary, so the stock traded back down. Right now, its all the way back to where it closed. Crazy action.

By the way, VRSN did trigger yesterday, I just forgot to put it on the list.

We saw some preliminary data come out after the close regarding the bank stress tests. It looked good, but we will get much more color on things next week.

The big jobs number is tomorrow. See you then.


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