My Top 15 Twitter “Must Follows” For 2013

Just as $AAPL has replaced so many mainstream businesses over the last ten years, (remember Sam Goody’s?), so has Twitter. Print media is fast becoming ancient (Newsweek packed it in), and digital media is the new game in town.

News can break on Twitter within a nanosecond, news that could never be discovered by the mainstream news media. I remember when Bin Laden got taken out, someone tweeted in the wee hours of the night that he thought it was strange that a Blackhawk helicopter was hanging around. The rest is history.  Now anyone with a mobile phone or a laptop can “break” news on anything. Location, location, location. The mainstream media can’t be everywhere, but we can.

Twitter, for me, has replaced so much noise. I can zero in on where I want to be. Even the evening news refers to events that “broke on Twitter” that day. The world is changing, what was relevant just hours ago gets rendered as “old news” quickly. There are over six billion people on earth, that’s a lot of eyeballs.

I follow some people on Twitter, but mostly news. I don’t care if you had a ham sandwich for lunch or what brand of beer that you just popped open.  I certainly don’t care when you Foursquare me where you are eating a freaking bagel. That’s the noise.

So here are some Twitter folks that I like and respect that add value to my day.

@howardlindzon Venture capitalist extraordinaire. Founder of Stoctwits. Seen on Bloomberg and CNBC. No BS, real deal insightful opinions on tech, social and investing.

@Stocktwits You need to be on board with this one if you like stocks, macro, technicals Opinions on $AAPL or $GOOG? It’s all right here.

@reformedbroker Downtown Josh Brown brings it everyday. Who every young blogger wants to emulate.  He has figured out how to put 26 hours in a day because the guy is everywhere. A great follow.

@thestalwart Joe Wiesenthal is a writer for Business Insider. He is always writing and breaking news. Great follow if you’re a news junkie.

@niubi– Bill Bishop is my guy on China, and China will play this year.

@JimRikards author of Currency Wars. Great thinking on global macro, politics and currencies.

@abnormalreturns Our friend Tadas puts together the best links on the web everyday. A great place to go to filter out all the white noise and zero in on links of interest.

@adamfeuerstein Great coverage on biotechnology

@talentedblonde Great retail coverage from Kristen Bentz

@ericjackson fund manager with a great insight into technology

@keithMcCullough the best hair in financial media, calls a spade a spade, that’s why I like him

@bclund Brian covers stocks, trading and personal experience. Always well done and very interesting.

@allthingsd All things digital. Just a great tech blog to help you stay current.

@chartsmarter Doug gives you some great daily levels on stocks.

@daytrend Vic is the king of market stats on a daily basis.

Twitter can be a blast. Have fun with it, find your own levels of interest and tweet away.

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