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So after four years of blogging ( sharing thoughts on everything from war to politics to market crashes, I’ve been through a few) and three years with the fine folks at Stocktwits, I’ve decided to do my first ever free trial. It’s time for everyone to be in the presence of greatness on a daily basis and to make mass quantities of money while having fun and learning.

What You Get

1-      Real time chat room– Some say the best on Street. We talk patterns, levels, setups and the weather. We have a     good time. I am on the chat from 9 to 4:30.  Charts are posted here and real time levels are discussed and brought to your attention. Patterns repeat constantly, it is here that you will learn this. You will learn pattern recognition. You will then be able to leave my service, unless of course you want to stay around for the witty banter.

2-      My P&L is updated nightly. This is where I present new set ups, adjust existing stops and post current profits or losses.

3-      Sunday video– This is an in depth market review of the week that just passed and how to get you for the week ahead. This is where the main new stocks for the new week are discussed in detail.

4-     Full Access– My subscribers email me regularly with questions. I am always around and will try to get back to you just as soon as I can, although all emails are returned in the evening, and not during trading hours. You can email at [email protected]  or DM @upsidetrader on Stocktwits.

5-      Bottom line, for those of you who know me on Stocktwits, or Twitter, you know I’m a guy who likes to have fun, but between market hours, no one is more laser focused. Time and money are paramount and I get it. I work endlessly to research profitable set ups. It’s my passion, not a job. I trade everyday, so I’m not a bystander.

So come on by, I would love to have you as a member and see you on the chat room with the rest of the fine folks who have the same passion about trading as you.

Here is the link to the FREE TRIAL

Sign up, I think you will pleased.

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