Sunday Premium Post For 9/4/12


I hope everyone had a restful three day weekend. I will resume video next weekend, as well as a midweek video.  Here is link to a post that I did earlier today in case you missed it.

Here are some setups that I will be looking at this week for possible entry. I updated the P&L for the new month of September and carried over all active and non triggered names. Please refer to the P&L for entry and stop levels for tonight’s ideas.

Lets have a great week.

SAFM – long at 44.80 level

CAM- Long at  55,45

CLDX- Long at 5.73

NTSP- Long at the 9.63 l3v3l

APKT- Long at the 19.88 level

VCLK- Long at the 16.56 level

SHOO- long at the 43.35 level

CLDX- Long at the 5.76 level



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