Sunday Post 8/26/12


The market is still toying with a definitive breakout and close of the April highs.  We cleared 1422 Tuesday, but couldn’t manage a close above.

This week, we should see even lower volumes, because Labor Day weekend is coming and this is always a low volume week. That doesn’t mean the tape cant give us some good action though.

Crude was basically flat for the week, but natural gas got hit hard, and that in turn made for a really heavy week for the coal stocks. Hopefully, we will see some better action this week in that sector.

I have added some new longs to the P&L for us to watch this coming week. As usual, if anything else develops for a trade, I will let you know.

Please refer to the P&L tonight for entries and stop levels.

UNP -buy 125.54 level

BIIB -Buy 147.80 level

NSR- Buy 37.74 level

PETM – Buy 71.83 level

TJX – Buy 46.18 level

GNRC – Buy 22.82

N- Buy 56.31 level

GDI- Buy the 63.23 level

LULU- Buy the 65.67 level

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