The Wrap 7/23/12—-VRNG


We’ve traded VRNG before, but I am putting this on the list as a speculative buy through the end of October. It’s an interesting story and could see significantly higher prices.

I watch it everyday and occasionally day trade it. The company is involved in a patent infringement case against GOOG for a lot of money. The court date is in October, so the stock will probably trade higher in front of this at some point.

VHC is a similar company and it went from 6 to 40 over the last couple of years.

I have posted a link from Seeking Alpha for informational purposes only (I think anyone with a finger can post for them), but it’s actually a decent overview.

I will have an entry on the P&L with no stop on this one, as it will either be a major winner either by outright takeover or a settlement. You guys can use your own risk pentameters on this one. I am long.

It’s a spec play so only use a very small portion of your trading account (like2-3%)

Here is the link

See you on the chat room in the morning.




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