Back To the Trendlines…Update

Here is Saturday’s post regarding the market and trendlines. Please reference the link so you can to follow below.

$AAPL held and bounced

$XLF held and bounced

$XLE held and bounced

$XME broke but held the trendline

$XLK overthrew, but held the trendline

$XLB held the trendline

It’s all fun and games until someone gets a stick in the eye, but the ETF’s that I watch held today. We’ll see if we have a turn around Tuesday tomorrow, The powers that be had a chance to make their statement to the downside today, they did not though because right now they are wussies.

Most of these names ‘BARELY” held, but they did hold, so your money your call.

Long $TQQQ $TNA $FAS and other assorted steroid longs.

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This tape isn’t for beginners.

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