Martket Upate


The market has reversed higher and I wanted to update you on positions. In case you are still holding SPXU, SPX TVIX and SOXS.

The euro broke 1.30 in the early morning which rallied the dollar a bit, but when the euro reversed higher the dollar fell and set off a good rally in the market. Technology is rallying as AAPL put in more lows but then reversed and is now green. Same for GOOG and some others in the tech space.

The semiconductors have put in a high (SMH) and is trying to breakout on the daily. I mentioned on the chat room that I was still long SOXS but would probably take the loss if the semiconductors broke out through the 35 level and they have. So I took the stop

TVIX- I am holding

SQQQ -I am holding

SPXU- I am holding

Please feel free to stop if you need to.


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