2012 Predictions

OK, it’s time to channel my best Kreskin and make some predictions. I think when we look back at 2011, our richest memory will be that Coca-Cola came in a white can for a few weeks. I think the Myan calendar says we will have World War 3 sometime in December of 2012 and Nostradamus also has some sort of Apocalyptic call for the coming year. Let’s not forget about Planetary Alignment and the Nibiru planet. So scary.

Here goes.

Romney will win the nomination and beat Obama. It will be a landslide. Gingrich will not get to fulfill his dream of bathing in Taft’s bathtub.

Europe hasn’t even warmed up yet, still in the third inning. Decades of cradle to grave thinking wont get remedied by the ECB, the IMF or the hand of God. It’s time for pain and the piper must get paid.

Europe is already in recession and will fall into a deep, deep recession, almost a Depression.

Some European banks go belly up, probably $STD first then others. Contagion fears will crush our market. $EWP

The euro will become pixie dust and the greenback will rip higher. Be short the former and long the latter.

Gold will tag 1200-1300. Silver will trade to 15.

Not even the Vatican will be able to save Italy $EWI

$AAPL may tag 500, but the reality of Steve Jobs absence will finally grow roots. It will now be a value stock. Cook may split the stock and pay a special dividend. This will be the nail in the coffin.

$RIMM will get bought out in the low 20’s.

$MCP will break 10

Forensic accountants find the billion that was lost at MF Global. A bookie in Staten Island took a Bears/Packers parlay from Corzine. The money is gone.

There will eventually be a “take under” at $YHOO. We will all laugh.

The Mets will win 75 games.

Property prices in China will collapse like a house of cards.

New information reveals that Mitt Romney pulls cheese off pizza & removes skin from KFC. Chris Christie says he’s now very interested in VP position.

India and Japan trade even lower.

Weathermen in Russia can get fined for bad forecasts. In a bold move by the financial media, perpetually wrong pundits get verbally berated on TV while wearing a clown suit. They will continue to make bad calls and only look at this as a right of passage.

Something bad happens to Iran.

There will be another Arab spring. This one will be even worse.

John Paulson writes a bestseller called “One Hit Wonder”

John Corzime never shaves again and joins a circus.

The banks will be finished soon. $XLF will break October lows and see 9-10 bucks.

The S&P will lose 200-300 handles from here, but then we will see a face ripping mind bending rally of epic proportions. Stocks aren’t cheap, they will get cheap.

***I am looking ahead to an awesome year both long and short. If you would like information about subscribing to this site email: [email protected]

Good luck next year and good trading.







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