Weekend Linky Dinks

It’s funny how I can write a blog post on a weekday morning at 7 AM and it can be rendered “old news” by 7:15 AM. I think most blogger dudes will agree.  That’s just how fast news happens now, especially in this market. Twitter and Stocktwits has become so awesome and everyone now has an edge because of blazing fast news flow. This is all good and will only get better. Because of this, I haven’t done my “Weekend Linky Dinks” in quite a while, but here are some articles (and tunes) of interest. Have a great weekend.

The thermodynamics of Apple’s share price. $AAPL

What’s an electro magnetic pulse attack? Not good at all.

How Micheal Bloomberg got his start. Computers and the internet didn’t exist when he started Bloomberg. How about that?

Zac Brown and Greg Allman do ” Georgia”

If this market finds you drinking mass quantities of tequila then this song is for you. Chesney and Gracie Potter

If people weren’t dropping out of the work force, Friday’s unemployment number  number would have been over 11%.


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