Printing Money

Many broken bulls want The Bernanke to print and mean it this time. Do it with feeling because that will teach the bears and prove to the skeptics that they are finally wrong about how bad things are.  We are getting close to an “event” in my opinion, and it probably won’t be good, printing or no printing.

Here are some fascination pictures of what the German mark was worth in the 1920’s.

With as many as 4.2 trillion marks to the dollar by late 1923, German children played in the streets with worthless money.

Wallpapering with marks.

Used to light the stove.
Some pickled herring for 350 marks
People who had jobs were paid in suitcases of marks and spent it fast before the value decreased even more.
Trading marks for the U.S. Dollar on the streets of Berlin
Yeah I know it was right after World War 1 and things were different. They just needed to print money to pay their bills.


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