Stop Playing With Us

Please stop playing with my shit. Congress is shorting stuff on inside information now. What ever happened to BLIND TRUSTS for politicians?  Where the fuck is Mary (Madoff was my close friend) Shapiro at the SEC? Am I dreaming this shit, or is the world just going bat shit without me?  What incompetent  antediluvian misanthropes they all are. Government employees all at the end of the day.

This market trades more volume on Christmas Day. No one steps up. If I was a geek and figured out an algorithm, I could get get this garbage market up 600 points in an hour if I pressed it. Even the gobots are gutless. They have created mayhem for us all. They provide liquidity??? Why do you need liquidity when volumes are like 1975. Fuck your liquidity. All you provide is volatility.

High frequency needs to be destroyed. I speak for all my market maker buddies and floor brokers that are now unemployed because fractions went to decimals. At what price do we need “best execution”? Bite me hard.

WHERE IS THE SEC?  My god what an incompetent agency, Shapiro was a token hire and is a failure to the American voter class. We PAY you. Call me.

Note to the SEC and Mary Shapiro, you can email me at: [email protected]






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