The Morning Morsel- Super Mario Takes Italy

“When you see a fork in the road, take it”- Yogi Bera

Futures are a tad lower this morning as the globe digests the appointment of Mario Monti. I’m waiting for the one liners about “three card Monti, the full Monti or maybe Monti Hall Makes a Deal”.  Surely more fun and excitement will be in store for us, if not some outright tomfoolery and skullduggery. Still the third inning as we watch the attack of the technocrats.  Berlusconi will now be pursuing a younger more svelte country.

S&P Cash
S&P Cash

The bulls want to see the S&P ( $SPY) close above that 200 day moving average this week. They will want to see it done on convincing volume too.

In other news, Abe Lincoln’s copper sword was stolen from his tomb and the TSA is ready to open your Christmas presents at an airport near you this holiday season..  Lady Gaga shocked her audience when she performed without her head over the weekend, Congress does this here every day, so no one was shocked.  A wave of despair has gripped our nation, but Obama insists he could do nothing to prevent the release of Adam Sandler’s “Jack & Jill.”

Greece has occupied all the print recently and I told you that Italy $EWI would take the headlines last week and it did. This week I look for Spain $EWP to hit the front page as their yields are catching some bids.

Have  great week and trust nothing.

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