The Morning Morsel

“The road to hell is paved with good intentions”

It was fourth and goal with a second on the clock yesterday in Europe.  Name calling, blackmail, extortion  and general nastiness ruled the day.

The G20 meets in Cannes this week over Crystal and beluga caviar to discuss their plight and Obama will fly over to advise on their debt crisis. Yes, Obama will advise  on debt. After Obama mentors Europe in the morning hours, the rest of the schedule looks like this.

1- Lindsay Lohan sobriety tips at 9AM

2-Kim Kardashian’s lasting marriage pointers. 10AM

3- Steve Balmer on how to stay one step ahead of $AAPL  11AM

4- Tim Geithner on how to master Turbotax 12PM

5- Berlesconi’s 5 ways to wear a Speedo. 1PM

6- Sarkozy’s 5 ways to make shoe lifts work for your calves. 2PM

7- Jon Corzine on how to make everything you touch turn to shit.

These are just some of the fun things planned this weekend. In other news, Groupon $GRPN has been priced and will trade today. Corzine just announced his resignation from $MF.

The bulls have put two in a row together and now the market waits for the jobs number. There aren’t any jobs so I don’t see any big surprises.

Be careful out there as we are still walking on eggshells.


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