Morning Stuff

The globe continues to fall apart this morning. Futures were decimated over night but are now nicely green. This may last for five hours, days or weeks.

If you want to piss off your friends and become isolated, just yell “Referendum” at your next cocktail party. Your peeps will hate you and immediately go into blackmail mode on your ass.

Old tech like $EK reported a disaster this morning and quasi new tech like $RIMM broke book value for the first time ever yesterday. I am about six days away from smashing my Bberry Curve into pieces and going all in on $APPL iPhone.

Groupon will price its IPO tonight and it should fly regardless of the skeptics as there will be about 100 shares offered.

MF Global $MF can’t find about 650 million this morning, but who hasn’t?

$AMZN is doing cool things this morning with book lending on Kindle and Prime people. Stock probably goes higher.

So tough to trade against headlines and lying Euro leaders. Good luck today.


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