Presidential Stimulus

That’s what tonight is about. Not economic stimulus, although they will piss away another three to four hundred billion dollars of our money for another failed effort. It’s a giant soapbox to discuss things mentioned hundreds of times before that were never acted upon. Time to get reelected. All I care about is seeing how Mark Ingram, my fantasy football pick, does tonight against the Packers. The plebs in DC spent the week fighting like girls over when this would actually take place. Rome is burning, yet the White House runs rudderless. It’s like arguing over table style at peace talks. Such a waste of our time. Such ineptitude at its very core. How did this ever happen?

I am personally sickened and I want change. I hope Ingram gets me 25 tonight and I wish the rest would all just get a brain. Actually Ingram would do a better job as POTUS.

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