It Is What It Is

“Power is a formidable aphrodisiac”–Henry Kissinger

I don’t know about you, but I have never felt more warm and fuzzy about the market and my children’s future. Like a Xanax/Chardonnay buzz, I am a peace with all that surrounds me. No worries, I know these politicos have my back.  How did these career bureaucrats ever attain the power that they have? I know we have put them in office with a vote, but I never signed on for giving the fox the key to the hen house.

It is what it is. My head stopped exploding around Tuesday of this week because I know I have no control over this nonsense. It’s like releasing your will to the pilot at the wheel of the 747 that flies you over the Atlantic at midnight on your way to London. Have a safe fight? Hey, it’s up to the pilot, not me.

I am a passenger in this fandango, I watch in dismay and sometimes extreme amusement at how hapless, inept and incompetent these empty suits are. It truly is great theater. While us market participants watch our P&L make violent swings on an hourly basis, this is a gilded period for the media, even though their “breaking news” interruptions are just a rehash of old news from hours past. They thrive on the fear and panic, I don’t begrudge them, it is what it is.

The market goes higher soon in my opinion as this is a monumental wet blanket right now. The perma bears will be hacked to pieces as they have been for the past two years. It may be tomorrow, it may be early next week. It just is what it is.

Good luck out there.




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