10 Things I Want For Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there. Tomorrow is your day. It is the day you may get a little spoiled by the Mrs. and the kids. You may even receive a gift or two.

Unlike most guys, I am not asking for an iPad2, but other products that I think will be worth more dead than alive years down the road. These products will all be in the Smithsonian one day in ‘The Stupid Products That Tried” section.

1- One LinkedIn stock certificate (framed)

2- One Pandora stock certificate (also framed)

3- One Groupon prospectus (air sealed)

4- Annual reports for SOHU, SINA, SNDA and YOKU individually wrapped, comic book style.

5- One Windows 7 phone

6- One Zune, any condition, although most seem brand new.

7- One brain scan of Steve Ballmer

8- One RIMM stock certificate wrapped around a Playbook

9- One GM Volt to store this stuff.

10- Any Palm device still in circulation.


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