Hang In There

I hate people that say” hang in there, it will be OK, stay tough, it will all work out”. I am writing this because they are all full of shit for the most part, and after they drop that insincere comment they go out and live their lives, forgetting about you and your issue a nanosecond later. People got their faces caved in today, many thought “yesterday” was the sell off. I am making best efforts to cheer you up. Stop reading if your a freaking genius or made a ton of money today. I care nary a wit. Many thought the bottom was in, many went the “lets play knife catch” route. You have all been spoiled, the market has had shallow light volume corrections and then rips again. You buy the dip and you make money.

Many think that I am a day trader, I’ve had a million emails. I am a swing/position trader. I day trade when I have to. This market doesn’t always give me the luxury of staying long or short as long as I would like to, because this market is bipolar. So I do what the market tells me. I watch charts (way more than the average human) , but honestly  my decisions are driven my sentiment and momentum as well.

Some folks love to put out these little fun facts like “the market has been down six days in row and 90% of the time it rallies on the seventh day. They are retards that never traded, they can’t get a real job so they spew out bullshit noise on their bullshit blogs that no one reads. Some how, some way they have readers. They all lose money.

This post could go for a while because as I think I write, as ideas pop, I write. Last night Larry Kudlow spewed epic bullshit. Teenagers at an ecstasy rave weren’t as happy. All was good and buy everything. These folks are dangerous to your financial health and if you followed his nonsensical sentiment you totally deserve what was dished out today.

Don’t get me started on the mindless misanthropes that get dragged out daily on you favorite financial show that have NEVER been asked to show their track record. All bull market geniuses in an ivory tower that are essentially clueless to the core. Ever notice non of them are ever short?

Enough of the rant and time to look forward. My subscribers had seven winners short today. None were hurt in any fashion whatsoever. They all made money. I am down a buck on BMY.  Tragedy.

What  should you do now? First off, marriage only works with humans, not stocks, if it is hurting you to the point of pain, sell it. Don’t stay married, the market will come back, that stock may not.

We had a horrible close today which could mean a gap down on Monday, but maybe not. I covered most shorts today as I think crap is overdone and we will get a relief bounce next week. I got long some energy as a result., I even took a little FAS which is a sacrilege to me and my affliction is to hate financials, but enough is enough already.

1250 is the number that the free world is looking at for support, if we break that with authority, I will short with both  hands and feet. I do believe though, that the face ripper of a rally is coming.

Oh by the way, at the risk of pissing off Democrats (I hate politicians and have become almost helplessly agnostic), if a Republican gets a lead that is tangible though, the DOW will hit 15000. People have had it with this shit.

Politics is the market and the market is politics. Hope you figured that out a long time ago. Good luck folks, get your heads out of your asses, man up and get your mind right. You will get em’ next week Keep your chin up and stay positive.

Rates are still zero even though our Fed chairman has stopped printing…..for now.

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