Strange Days

There ares some important happenings going on in the market this morning.

Mark Zuckernerg and Sarah Palin are gutting a caribou this morning and are starting a “We eat what we kill” fan page.

John Thaine is furiously texting Paulson as he was shorted $151 dollars on bis bonus just before he blew up Merrill.

A massive grave site is being dug for LinkedIn $122 longs.

Anthony Weiner buys some GOOG and switches to a Droid, also seen at Barnes & Noble looking for ” 10 Best Ways to Cover Up a Lie”

Greece dramatically cuts gyro prices.

Donald Trump’s head fell off.

The Bernnake overheard at Sardi’s saying “three times is a charm, bring on QE3, plus I’m so close to making America a third world nation”

Spain will stop austerity riots as long as the government starts $5 foot long Friday’s.

YHOO CEO said he is determined to get he stock in single digits, takes cue from Steve Ballmer.

RIMM CEO seen using a Nextel walkie talkie phone as he makes fun of Nokia, iPad under his arm.

Perma bulls everywhere now heartbroken rapture didn’t happen last week.

Pimco thinking about starting a penny stock fund.

China hacked my GMail account, I’m now receiving coupons for pallets of rare earth.

Israel and Palestine have made up, but are now fighting over Nine Mile Rd in Ferndale, MI. Eminem to negotiate the peace talks.

My Premium Site had one of its best days ever yesterday. For performance or more information, email me at [email protected]

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