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Is there wireless in heaven? I just wanna know.
Do I need a password to log in when I go?
And does Jesus have a website to send in my e-mail?
Is there wireless in heaven, or do I go to hell?-Robert Keen Earl-“Wireless In Heaven”

So how do I really feel about this market?  Let’s put it this way, I’m a wicked bearish long. What’s a wicked bearish long kind of dude? It’s a guy that respects the power of the market’s mood. IT runs the show. We gapped up, rolled over, then rallied. I gotta be honest, I LOVE this action, but you really have no edge. I always say, no edge no trade, but the action is so good you have to put your lure in the water right?

I don’t care if it goes strait down, frankly, I’m bored of it going up since September 2008, the corrections are shallow and meaningless and last just a day or three. Maybe it’s the New World Market order. Technicals matter, but algos have their way with everyone. They see a level and buy, they see levels to sell too, but that gets overwhelmed buy the better algos that say buy. I guess.

I think I am the only living human that thinks we are in a cyclical bull rally within a secular bear market. Am I Roubini (wrong always) Meredith Whitney (one hit wonder) Kass (just a schmuck and so not relevant) Tim Knight? (bearish no matter what)? No

I am just a guy that has traded four crashes and feels demons on his backside every step of the way.

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