The Wrap 5/19/11

{+++} It was a fairly boring day today, but we have a few stocks that are trying to go higher. I refer to IMAX, ESRX & THOR, all acted well today. MHS and AGP acted better too.

We took very small partial profits today in THOR 1/4 sold +3.5%, ESRX 1/4 sold +3.4 and IMAX 1/4 sold +3.5%. We also “squeezed a buck out of MOS for 1.5%.

It really has become a stock pickers market as so many sectors are weak and struggling. I stil likethe safety trade foe now as risk seems to have temporaily left the building so I have three good looking nakes that look good, all are in semi defensive sectors. Here you go: KMB, and JNJ

See the P&L page for entries and stops and to view trades that were made today. By the way, the Stocktwits Book is ready for pre-order. I recommend it highly (not just because I did a chapter), but because I truly believe it will benefit any trader interested in improving their craft. Some really bright guys from the Stocktwits stream contributed on this project. Here is the link.


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