A Bubble a Day Keeps the Froth Away

OK, so silver didn’t go strait to a $100 and gold didn’t tag $2000 today, oil didn’t hit $150. People have been stepping over women and children (in their own family) to buy this frothy nonsense as if they were all going to the electric chair in the morning. I will pretty much trade anything and completely enjoy wagering size on crab races when I’m in southwest Florida, but I’ve never owned an auto or an airline stock and rarely do I trade gold. I’ve never traded silver once. That’s not good or bad, it’s just not my wheelhouse.

So if it’s not my wheelhouse and I trade almost everything, then how could it be in the wheelhouse of a plumber a barber or a candlestick maker? Well it isn’t at all, but these were the folks recently that owned these stupid metals on blind faith while throwing caution to the wind. It’s the “gotta have it, gotta get me some” mentality. Fear and greed are such strong motivators.

I’m  not criticizing the trade in silver or gold, it has been an awesome space to be. I completely missed it. However if you got caught at the top, next time talk to your plumber first.

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