5 Possible Successors at Berkshire Hathaway

So who is up next to take the baton from Warren Buffet? Here are some folks that I think would do a masterful job.

Foghorn Leghorn-Said he is very flattered, but the new Geico gig has him busy and wants to spend more time with family at the end of his contract.

Steve Ballmer -Known as “the alchemist” in some circles because he turns gold to shit. Staging a comeback, but said he won’t rest until he drives MSFT into the teens.

Raj Rajartnam- Has been approached by Buffet, said they will have meaningful talks if he is acquitted.

Michael Parness- Said he would love the chance to trend trade the shit out of Berkshire’s portfolio.

Doug Kass- Thinks it would be a thrill to call tops on Berkshire’s portfolio every three weeks

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