The Wrap 4/20/11

{+++} The risk trade was put back on today as crude, oil stocks and materials popped on another weak showing from the dollar. INTC had a great earnings report after the clsoe last night and that helped get things going this morning. VMW had a great number also after the close last night.

APPL destroyed estimates after the close today.  AAPL currently has about $ 67 billion  in cash and will buy Europe and all land below the Mason-Dixon line starting tomorrow. It closed around $ 354 in after market trading and we got long around $ 342 before the market closed. Hopefully we will see some nice  follow through tomorrow.

Unfortunately we got stopped on some shorts based on the strong gap up and SIFY was a long that was stopped in short order.

I took off 1/3 ERX today for a nice trade, hopefully oil stocks can continue their run tomorrow although they could be a little ahead of themselves. The market is closed Friday and I may look to trim some more tomorrow if the market can cooperate for another day.

There wont be any new names tonight but check the P&L as I have raised some stops.

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