Gotta Love Timmy & Ben

“Making Predictions is tough, especially when it’s about the future”- Yogi Berra

It was another good day on the subscriber site yesterday, as we saw gains in REDF +7%, MCP +5%, FAZ +2%. They were all partial sales,  FAZ and MCP were initiated yesterday and REDF a few days back. We took a two point hit on an FFIV short that we initiated near the close Monday, we were stopped right after the open.

$CEPH caught a $73 bid from $VRX tonight, about a $14 premium from today’s close. Nice work if you can get it and congrats to the longs.

I’m watching 1320-1330, if we pop that nut, then we may have another run like a scalded woodchuck. Net long with select shorts such as BAC, AFL and CPLA.

The Bernank & Geithner have provided the ultimate band aid. The beat goes on.


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