Weekend Linky Dinks: Packers/Steelers, Rare Earth & Egypt

Packers 27, Steelers 16. Just wanted to get that out of the way, and if the Jets had another minute on the clock, they would be in the Big Dance playing the Pack. The queen would also be king if she had a pair, but I digress.

Stocks had a nice week and the turmoil in Egypt started to get shaken off on Monday after Friday’s deep sell off. The bid underlying this market is truly amazing.

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Germany & France try to boost the Euro.

U.S. urged to renew rare earth production.

Santelli won’t sugar coat jobs.

Two Wilpon ponzi’s in a few years? Bayou and Madoff. Coincidence?

The hottest banned Super Bowl ads.

ETF inflows gaining steam.

Leaving Wall St. for the wine cellar.


Reagan at 100, what would he do now?

7 key oil checkpoints.

Why Egypt won’t effect most portfolios.

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