The Wrap 1/31/11

{+++} First off, so sorry for the breakdown the chatroom today. Chatroll is independent of Stocktwits and me ( although I found them) and frankly they just suck. We are trying to replace them now. I know I have said this in the past, but they always cry and beg and make promises, but it is happening too often so they have to go.They are very inexpensive , but in life¬† you get what you pay for. I try to keep costs down, so I don’t ever have to raise prices on you guys, but enough is enough, so my search is on. I am open to suggestions to improve this part of the site so e-mail me if you know an awesome chat provider. Please bear with me for a few days while I work this out.

Housekeeping First

I have started a new P&L for February. as you salty veterans know, I do this every month, obviously. The names you see on the P&L tonight are “carry overs” from last months names that are either live or pending. New names are also on tonight’s list. That is all.

The market shook off Egypt today and although it wasn’t a gang buster, “paint off the wall” rally, it was better than being down a 100 points. Oil stocks rallied and crude continued its advance, we saw some triggers in the group (please check the P&L). CXO exploded through the trigger price, but it DID NOT trigger because of that and I have removed it from the list, if you went ahead and bought it, the stock looks good. XEC, BEXP, ATI & COP did trigger today. Unfortunately, we had a stop on REDF.

I have added MOS and POT to the long list tonight. Click to enlarge the charts. Have a great night.

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