Why The Market Went Down- Egypt Was A Great Excuse

It may be an emergency in Egypt and I support those in the streets that want to stop living in 70AD and want a fast forward in the time machine. Iran also had a short lived rebellion that lasted a weekend and it died down. That was a shame as we all live in the 21 st century, unfortunately that part of the world is for the most part illiterate and hungry. I think the average wage in Cairo is two bucks a day. That’s a fact.

The market is overbought, has been and is. The Huffington Post could have reported that Obama had a nosebleed today and we would have sold off. The market needed a reason, it picked Egypt. There is a rumor that Walt Disney is still alive and Israel is selling off violently as I write. Walt was a serious anti-Semite.

I love headline sell offs from the long side. It’s usually easy money. Every one is different. Barring contagion, and there may be some, Egypt hasn’t done anything since the pyramids. Long next week.

Twitter in Egypt? WTF

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