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So the market was closed today and I was out of my mind with boredom. I couldn’t trade stocks and I felt powerless and not in control of my domain. My domain is a place where I try to take money from autobots and faceless beings that I will never know or ever meet everyday. The stock market is my sandbox, it’s where I go to play everyday, it’s where I love to be, but they took away my sandbox today.

So what did I do? Woke up, had some coffee and ate a protein bar. The kids were out, wifey was on errands, so I read a bit (And No Birds Sang, by Farley Mowat),then looked at some charts. I called the suicide hotline , but they put me on f%$&*ng hold, so I was forced to put on CNBC for giggles, but they were in rerun mode. That made me call the hotline again.

I popped on over to see what my buds were doing on Stocktwits and they seemed bored too. Everyone was talking about Steve Jobs and his temporary departure from Apple. I wish him well and I hope he gets better soon.

I channel surfed, watched ten minutes of General Hospital, which reaffirmed my belief that Vanessa Marcel is the most beautiful woman that ever lived, besides my wife (she reads the blog).

Does this mean that I’m a pathetic soul, that I have no life? Well, probably not, I still have a foot of snow outside and it was Monday. Sandbox is open tomorrow.

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