The Morning Morsel: Gregg Allman and the Shorts

I saw the Gregg Allman Band last night with my son, who is 14. He sings and plays guitar and loves southern rock, boogy, funk and some low country blues. All the hours that I duct taped him locked him in the closet when rap came on the radio must have paid off. For more solid parenting tips like these feel free to e-mail me.

Gregg is getting old, but still has it. His son Devon Allman opened for him and is as good a guitarist as I’ve heard. All good stuff.

The stock market continues to shake off headwinds, which is frustrating the bejeezus out of the shorts which try everyday to find their opening. Their day is coming, just not right now. The planet earth continues to wait for the correction that never comes, but it will, but for now it’s costing the shorts opportunity from the long side and the stealth squeeze must be starting to sting a bit. Shorts like Opentable (OPEN), just aren’t going their way…yet, and Netflix (NFLX) just refuses to break. The latter has retaken some moving average resistance and pushed through that level.

Results on my Premium Site continue to outperform. Yesterday we took 10% out of AMRN (2 day hold), 24% out of REDF (2 days) and12% out of IGOI (3 days). The beat goes on, so stop on by. To request performance, email me at [email protected]

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