Things That Piss Me Off

After you read this you may say,,,,Hey, I ‘m pissed off  about shit too.” What can I say, start a blog and piss about it,  Anyway, stuff that really pisses me off, I will lose and gain readers as a result, but WTF.

That Nancy Pelosi EVER got beyond back rubbing her husband. My country was so f’ed the last two years.

That almost every kid says ‘LIKE’ after every f’cking word.

That Al Gore got so much play. Private equity will suffer (Kleiner Perkin?). Good

When I see a kid in the front seat of a smart car.

The IRS.. I’m audited now.


New York City sanitation department, You are all fired, go F’ck yourselves, no pension. Go back to High School.

That  teachers get tenure. I get fired if I suck. Actually I run  my own thing.

Peeps that take life for granted. This is all one big Carnival.

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