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Jingle all the way I say. So does the market. Today was fun as we saw a maniac seven point range in the S&P. It felt good though, probably because my stocks inched higher. No real pops, but nice action. If you put a gun to my head I would tell you to chill out, sit on your hands and bank some loot. I fooled around today because I needed too. I trade, therefor I am.

Today started off oddly for me as I awoke from a dream where Ann Coulter was my lover. We were down on Wall Street, we were walking along and I gave a homeless person a ten spot and she started pontificating that he was lazy or something. I begged to differ and she started beating me. We went back to her crib, where she tried to seduce me and then I saw that she was really Tony Danza. She may have been Tom Sizemore, but you know how dreams are. I haven’t been myself all day.

I posted this afternoon about Netflix and received a bunch of reactions. All of them were smart and thoughtful. Who really knows? I follow the volume and those big red bars.  I will say that $160 looks like a first stop technically if it breaks that 50 day moving average. If it doesn’t break the 50 day moving average than the shorts could get squeezed big time. Fun stuff.Stay tuned.

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