Weekend Linky Dinks: Roubini, Pimco, Streisand, Captain Beefheart and More….

Dull, lethargic, aimless and just plain flat. That’s this market. Many find themselves over-trading to try to get in front of ‘the move’, but that move doesn’t come. At least for now. Are we heading strait to S&P 1300 or will a headline somewhere give us all a fast and furious come to Jesus meeting? Volume will surely get lighter over the next few weeks, but that doesn’t necessarily mean volatility will disappear. I’ve sold s bunch, raised all stops and will trade lighter (if I must trade)  for the next couple of weeks. It’s time for homework and review. This year flew by, it seems like yesterday that I wrote my 2010 predictions, 2011 will be released next week. It should be a riot.

The performance on my subscriber site has been off the charts and I have reduced prices to the old rate for the Holiday Season, so stop on by. If you would like to see past performance, just shoot me an e-mail at [email protected]

Link time

What was what.

Roubini says housing prices will probably fall further, but..

Better to be smart than lucky, Bloomberg’s legal inside information.

Pimco wants stock.

Ahh, this worked well

Facebook is just friggin’ huge.

Copper’s hot.

The most heavily shorted stocks.

The Hindenberg triggers……again.

Get your earmarks.

If you liked Zappa, you will remember Captain Beefheart

Babs and her room temperature IQ get interviewed by Larry King.

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