Twitter and Stocktwits: 10,000 Followers, Big Friggin’ Wup?

May the Phoenix rise from the ashes, may Bernanke and Geithner get a brain, may Nancy Pelosi stop walking sideways to the podium like Cartman on Southpark. I have hit 10,000 Twitter followers. Am I changed, am I proud in any way?

In some ways yes and in other ways no, as I consider myself immensely self deprecating and I look at life, politics and social media and myself with an extremely jaundiced eye. I do appreciate all of you absorbing and reading all my tweets (many times nonsense) the last two and a half years, I really do. Some of it was funny, some of it heart attack serious, although mainly sarcastic with a touch of dry wit. Twitter is like the Matrix, all of us chatting away into an algorithm that enables us to communicate.

I have made some great friends and solid business relationships via the stream and recommend that everybody give it a whirl. It really is good stuff.

Stocktwits was different.. I pride myself on calling to task the financial media which cheerleads stocks at their own peril. They have to, their business plan reads that way. Their input has been a complete detriment to the American public in my humble opinion. Did you know that 90% of mutual funds lost money in 2008?, yet the media brought out the same “PROS”  everyday during and after the Apocalypse. Good stuff if you are a complete masochist. Stocktwits brought clarity through this tough time, many on the Stocktwits stream became my friends and subscribers, as we discussed the state of affairs. It was Armageddon, yet we found strength with our common situation. We were in it together.

Stocktwits…. I was asked to contribute (I am an in early round investor) to their site which was just coming out of the gate about two years ago. It seemed fun, it it was all stocks, my total passion, so it was a fit. We were honest and transparent, I still post my P&L everyday. If anyone on God’s green earth wants to see it they just need to e-mail me.

The early days of  Stocktwits (still so young) was a a blast. It was a bunch of us just tweeting ideas, screwing up, posting in the wrong places and just having fun. I still post incorrectly. I have developed great friendships with those early folks. I even met a three time World Series winner via the Stocktwits stream and started a hedge fund with him. He is one of my best friends in the world to this day. I never met him before Stocktwits.

Do I understand social media? Hell no, it was baptism by fire for me, I learned how to do an e-mail attachment about a year ago, I’m old school, but yes, it does rock. There are many bloggers who say they trade, I am a trader who happens to blog. Stocktwits gives you the beauty of finding your wheelhouse with people that can augment or perhaps change the way you look at trading. If for nothing, it’s education. The whole dynamic rocks. I say try it and stick with it.

Folks to follow: @reformedbroker, @daytrend, @ iron100, @chessnwine, @howardlindzon, @ppearlman, @alphatrends, @hedegeye, @upsidetrader, @businessinsider, @ericjackson, @greenskeptic, @talentedblonde, @The_Real_Fly

I will add more great folks as time goess by, as there are so many great contributors….stay tuned. Trade well.

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