Weekend Linky Dinks: Wikileaks, Dollar Plummets and Risk Is Back On

What a week  it was, the soaring dollar stopped soaring as it hit key moving average resistance and fell through the trap door. Julian Assange has become 007 and Mary Shapiro at the SEC would love one employee with his talent for uncovering anything. Santa Clause has arrived early, as the shorts got buried last week and will probably continue to get buried over the very short term. Nothing matters but the greenback and that has reversed lower for now as the Euro rips higher. If you want to be ‘in with the in crowd’ you must be long materials, metals and anything oil as all the hip kids are doing it.

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Have a great weekend and enjoy the links.

What was what.

ETF roundup

The state of play in M&A

The complete history of social media.

The case against $NFLX

Hedge funds borrowed billions in bailout money, Soros too, like he needed it.

An inside look at the WaMu disaster.

Ellison wants to ‘go after’ HP

It sucks to live in North Korea

iPad keyboards

Is it Ron Paul’s time to shine.

When is it time to leave the stage?

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