Korea, War Games, Europe, the Dollar, Insider Trading…You Name It We Got It

Futures should be exciting tonight. European financial leaders on Sunday approved an 85-billion-euro, or $112.53 billion, aid package for debt-crisis-stricken Ireland. Eyeballs will now shift to Spain and Portugal, not that they ever really left. Germany’s pissed and everyone loved being part of the Eurozone until they didn’t. You need to be on the receiving end of all the loot to enjoy the sheer beauty of it.

China on Sunday proposed emergency discussions among delegates to the six-party talks to discuss “complicated factors” on the Korean peninsula, as the U.S. and South Korea started a naval drill that has prompted dire warnings of reprisals from North Korea. Is this the beginning of the end on this topic or just the end of the beginning? Time will tell.

In the meantime, all of our pretty boats and planes are at the ready along with our partners over in South Korea. The War Games are in full swing as we all jockey for position.

The world has been scared shitless now for a couple of weeks, as fears of the demise of Europe rise and the proliferation of South Korea gains steam.

Our financial sector has taken it on the chin for the last couple of weeks after that magnificent ‘false breakout’ through its 200 day moving average, caused somewhat by the European banks, but mostly because of the big bad insider trading scandal here in on good old Wall Street. Goldman Sachs seems to be a willing or unwilling  co-conspirator in yet another scandal, but at the very least an enabler.

In the meantime, just look at the dollar go. Could be a helluva rally too when they get it all straitened out.

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