Weekend Linky Dinks: The Dollar Has No Bid, So Don’t Ask

The Greenback
The Greenback

Yesterday I loaded my cupboard with canned goods, ammo and water. The house is wrapped in aluminum foil and small IED’s have been strategically planted on the front lawn. I didn’t have time to break ground for the moat, but I have the specs ready if I am given more time. Some in the media believe this dollar implosion will be the start of an Apocalypse that will make the 2008 crash look like child’s play. I say bring it, give it your best shot. I think five years from now we will find out that Bernanke was bipolar, sociopathic, had serious ADHD and still slept with a teddy bear (while wearing a sundress), but we always find these things out ‘after’ the fact. It would have been OK if he had just taken is meds. Remember, Greenspan was the all powerful Oz until after the fact. Now he makes millions talking about what he should have done. So silly, but the beat goes on.

The market is fun again, it goes up everyday and M & A is back for now.Financials and housing have both broken out. Greed has punched fear in the face and risk is just sooooo cool. Bears and Democrats are in group counseling across the nation, but something smolders beneath the sheets, as nothing this good can last. It never does.

Have a terrific weekend and enjoy the links.

What was what.

Don’t cry for Wall St.

How Protectionism can real put a  crimp on fees. (Potash)

Keith Overbite is out. Later dude.

What’s with the inverse  h&s for the Nikkei?

Audit the Fed.

Buffet still likes the Washington Compost, but not for the paper and that could be a problem.

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Who voted for whom?

ETF roundup.

Charting the dollar.

Jobs, behind the numbers.

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