Clouds Above

Stock pickers day for sure. Look at RDWR. Kudos for all you players in the name. It seems like HPQ is on the prowl for everything. Someone up top at HP must have sent a memo that buying a company or companies is the “plan”. It weakens their organic growth (have none) argument and reinforces the fact, in my opinion, that HP has become Nokia, merely a commodity company. Nokia now has Pamela Lee, HP doesn’t have  Mark Hurd. HP is Dell, Gateway and Compaq all together, all twisted, all screwed up. Yeah, I need a computer but f^^k off. Half the people on Stocktwits can make a computer, better customer service too, unless you jones for 48 second delays to your question, somewhere in New Delhi.

ARST got a bid this week, RDWR rocked, NZ sneaks into your shorts as a maybe. I have a better chance of performing neurosurgery on a  Yorkipooh, than understanding what cloud computing is. When it effects my life enough, I’m sure someone will tell me. PAR started the games off.

I need cloud computing as much as my son needs the new PlayStation “Move”, the next big thing. I guess X-Box died, Gamecube and Gameboy didn’t measure up, and the Wii now officially is so last year. When you ask a kid under 15 how all these technologies are, they all respond, they suck. “Must have the “Move”.

I flipped baseball cards.

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