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Picture: Businessinsider.com
Picture: Businessinsider.com

“You were holding a pair of eights, Dick. And you bet the farm on the river card.” -Hank Paulson to Dick Fuld

Oh Joy!! CNBC is now in the movie business. I remember reading a great book by Ken Auletta called “Greed and Glory on Wall Street: The Fall of the House of Lehman. It was a great read and  chronicles the activity at Lehman Brothers during the months between July 1983 and April 1984, immediately preceding the firm’s takeover by Shearson/American Express. The partner’s dining room was closed and Lehman became part of a wire house and a credit card company. Who would ever think that 27 years later we would be writing its obituary and watching a CNBC special? The beat goes on.

It was another choppy week for the indexes although they ended higher than where they began. The Russel and NDX took back control of the 200dma but not the S&P or the DOW.

Retail sales were soft, consumer confidence was tepid and there are still no jobs. Another week went by and Europe avoided sliding into the Mediterranean.

Oil service stocks caught a bounce and materials really had a nice pop from deeply oversold conditions as the greenback actually eased for three days last week, but still looks very bullish on the daily chart for now.

Financials bounced and avoided a technical breakdown, AAPL found some support, but still looks like a head and shoulders pattern on the daily, technology in general ended the week slightly higher.

Stop on by my Premium Site to get a handle on what we’re doing for next week. Video will posted tomorrow evening. In the meantime enjoy the links and have an awesome weekend.

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