The Other Side of the Pond

Europe’s head was put on a stake last week and we now wonder if we will get a continuation lower Monday. Momo looks like it, unless Churchill rises from the dirt to educate these blockheads on which way is up. Hey, I’m an equal opportunity critic for all you readers over there. We’re on our way and we are pots calling kettles black.

Geithner, fresh off a near depression (and maybe on the cusp of another) pontificated financial austerity and responsibility to the Europeans last week. Kind of like Stephen Hawking judging on “So You Think You Can Dance”.

Anyway, here are all the pretty charts of Europe and a bank or two. They look very Lehman & Bear to me.

P.S. The next guy that tells you that we’re oversold…….. punch him. Anything can happen Monday. I’m just sayin’.

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