The Wrap 6/3/10


Floppy day ( my new buzzword), as some of our names were ready to “go”, but the market tempered enthusiasm as the all powerful and market moving unemployment report comes out tomorrow at 8:30 AM.

Obama and Biden have already telegraphed to the Street that the employment number will be gangbusters. I hope they are right.

I didn’t think we would see fireworks today, investors are too worried about the “number” tomorrow. I posted a comment on Twitter a few hours ago that “so many charts look higher if the market doesn’t crash first” Ummm, sarcastic?

My sarcasm is always fully loaded and my tweets need subtitles sometimes for the newcomers. Many of you long time subscribers know me for what I am. Jaded and sarcastic. I am a glass half full guy however, and the last to leave a good time. Please get used to it, and don’t take comments too seriously. Dennis Miller is my God if that helps you understand.

I’ve adjusted stops on the P&L and apologize for not having it posted last night, I did it, just forgot to hit the send button. For send buttons to be hit every night, you will need to at least be charged $500 per month. Does that need a subtitle?

No names tonight as tomorrow is too unknown.Let’s mange what we have for now. I will telegraph moves as usual by e-mail and chat tomorrow.


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