Weekend Linky Dinks-You Buyin’ or Sellin’?

It happened just as I figured.  The traders hammered the stocks in which they figured would uncover the most stops, and sure enough, prices slid off. – Jesse Livermore

The S&P didn’t end the week far from from where it started. The bears had a follow through day on Friday as  global investors looked over their shoulders and wondered in unison if this would be the week that the world comes to an end. The Euro’s one day love-fest ended like a supernova and Europe is still so screwed. The Euro bailout still will not prevent Greece’s debt from soaring to 150% of their GDP or help Spain’s 20% unemployment or their crashing housing market. Europe may have failed their semester at TARP school but like us, scored well in learning how to slap band aids on cancer. A month ago, the Eurozone issue was considered a minor nuisance by investors and was swatted away like an annoying mosquito, the dynamic has changed and fear of an implosion has taken center stage, even as the printing presses burn 24/7.

Let’s see if the bulls can go for the brass ring on Monday.

We’ve been negotiating this market with extreme precision from both the long and short side on my Premium Site . We were  on complete fire again last week . Stop on by, I think you will enjoy. Tomorrow evening’s subscriber video for “The Week Ahead” will post at around 7Pm EST.

Enjoy the links.

The week in ETF’s.

Google pulls a Whoops!

Gink: the next great social network.

Hollywood gets Twitterized.

Is the Footise f****d?

A recent glossary of Wall St. scandals.

Double dip for Europe.

Black gold at 3 month low. Looks wicked cheap to me.

Interview with Jean-Claude-Trichet

Winners and Losers, you will be hearing a lot about Waddell & Reed

I saw Robin Hood with junior last night, if you like long and boring do check it our..fail

Oliver Stone spits out more buzz words. another headline knowledgeable misanthrope. Spare me.

Joe Pantoliano’s mental illness.

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