Weekend Linky Dinks-Paybacks a Bitch and the Crash of 2:45

Mr. Bear is pondering his next move. Is he stuffed from gorging himself on fresh bull meat, or is he going back to the woods for a little rest next week before he returns with a vengeance?

The bulls were issued a message last week and it wasn’t a warning shot over the bow, it was a 2000 lb. bunker buster dropped on the roof of the New York Stock Exchange. We were telegraphed warning signs for months from Europe, we’re in the midst of an epic jobless “uncovery” yet the S&P has practically doubled in thirteen months. It was a phenomenal run, but the easy money was made, and now it will become a battle to capture profits, but there will be epic opportunities long and short.

The “fat finger” investigation begins next week, so we get to see the grouchy old men on the Hill wax their brilliance again. I still think about the secret hedge fund meeting at the tony Park Ave townhouse a few months ago as they discussed a concerted effort to short Greece and the Euro. Was the fat finger guy their Oswald? I’m texting Oliver Stone now. Grassy knolls everywhere.

For next week, look for possible broken hedge funds that got caught leaning the wrong way.

We were about 80% short as of last Sunday evening on my Premium Site, If you would like to see a recap of last week’s action and a plan for next week, come on by and join us.

Enjoy the links.

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The road ahead for Dendreon.

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Rage against the machine.

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Eurozone has a plan?

The 100 ton box finally gets dropped on the spill, here’s how.

Blankfein to “review core principles”. Translation, we got got caught and will make every effort to hide shit better in the future, we sure won’t use e-mails as much.

High end homes getting hit.

Syphilis and social upheaval in China.

ETF roundup

Did Shatner make $ 600 million as Priceline adman?

Soda Pop

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Micky Rourke on actors.

Global warming and OCD

Airport security

Top 20 baby names, I like Ben, Lloyd Allan, Tim or Hank for a boy

If condescension were music, Hitchins would be a symphony.

Piano guitar. Amazing

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