Weekend Linky Dinks- April Performance in Triple Digits

Our new C-note looks just like a Euro doesn’t it? Ben Franklin is like WTF? Let not your hearts be troubled, because when the bell tolls for us, we always have Germany and the IMF to lean on. As Greece is finding out, it’s easier to nail jello to a tree than get a D-mark out of those two collective entities.

I’ve said Apple will never go down again and now I’m starting to think the same for the indices. The Russel 2000, the DOW, the S&P and NDX all exploded to highs this week, even while Greece reclaimed their happy place on the front page again. Greece was downgraded by Moody’s this week and the conversation revisits the contagion topic again. For my money, Spain and Portugal are next to go. Stay tuned.

Housing stocks are exploding, just look at XHB yesterday. New home sales popped at an annualized rate of 27% in March. Did everyone just wake up or is it the rush to buy before the tax credit expires in the 30th. This one is easy. I faded the move yesterday.

As many of you know, the folks at Stocktwits asked me few months ago to publish my performance, and I agreed. We’ve seen great results on the Premium site thus far with a 12% return in February, over 60% in March and the numbers for April aren’t in yet, but it’s in the triple digits on a realized basis. That return is without one option trade. The chat room that I started last week is phenomenal, and has become a terrific platform for discussion and trading stock ideas with wonderful people that are truly passionate about the markets. So drop on by and become a Premium member. What have you got to lose? Really, what?

Below is a testimonial from a recent subscriber.

” Joe provides one of the best portfolio services around that is beneficial to any trader, regardless of skill level.  It is great for my personal fund because Joe provides great detail about his ideas, in terms of entry points and exit points, and also provides outlets like the chatroom and walls to provide constant feedback. I am constantly trying new services and there are not many subscriber services I recommend but Upsidetrader is one that I personally recommend to retail investors, clients, and professional money managers. I enjoy listening to a real pro and you can’t find many that beat Joe. I highly recommend the service and you can probably pay for the service the day you join, with just one trade.”

Enjoy the links.

Jeremy Grantham say Bernanke is blowing another bubble, and this one will be worse.

When transparency ban backfire.

Boss, I have a tip on a guy named Boss responds, I’ll check it later, I’m om triple D.com

Goldman’s biggest lie.

The best and worst performing stocks on earnings reports.

The scam and sham that is the UN.

GOP seeks records from the SEC on Goldman, should get interesting.

Facebook and Microsoft?

Being Ironman.

A pretty decent Jeff Macke financial reform rant.

Goldman will love the Edwards testimony, if only because it will take them off the front page for a few days.

10 things you didn’t know or were misinformed about the Goldman drama.

Do we need a car ETF?

“Muhammad” a dirty word on South Park.

Save  “Are” teachers.

The market still sees big risk with Greece.

Issa’s letter to Shapiro.

Pelosi’s beach party had more security than guests.

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