Weekend Linky Dinks- A Quadruple Pause

Courtesy: Bespoke
Courtesy: Bespoke

It was another positive week for the markets, nine of the 10 sectors ended in the green, led by industrials +2.2% and telecom +2.4%. The energy sector was a laggard, shedding 1.1%. Trading volume was on the low side with the exception of Friday, which marked quadruple witching.

The one index  out of the big four that appears to have broken its uptrend is the Russel 2000, we will have to monitor that closely. Quadruple witching is never a good day to make something out of nothing though.

Tomorrow is the all important healthcare vote and the jockeying for position and saber rattling is now on steroids with only about 36 hours to the finish lines.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the links.

Intrade has healthcare at a dead heat.

Don’t ever blame the shorts.

Lehman lies but no one pays.

The Lehman Whistleblower’s letter.

Cat Tractor says new healthcare plan would cost $100 million in first year.

Really, what’s with the VIX?

Greenspan and low rates.

The low volume debate continues.

Obama and Israel.

This week’s best iPhone apps.

Your Palm survival guide

Billionaires speak

The Fed: March was easy, April not so much.

The week in ETF’s

If your into bearish engulfing patterns, look at IBM.

Greenspan; it wasn’t me, I swear

Did you know we are ranked 18th in internet speed and lag Romania?

Obama and Wall Street are done.

Time for Slaughter.

If you hate the IRS you’re gonna love this.

Buffet does Axl Rose.

Jett set

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